Thanks to my friend/second cousin John Reynolds of bluepinemedia.com, we once again are up and running on the web.

The business of being an independent musician is tricky, just like most small businesses, and we who are of the right-brained world struggle to run business with the oft ignored left side of the brain.  But here we are, a little brain weary, but hopefully running smoothly and all spruced up.

We who make music for a profession appreciate people who visit our own sites, and purchase music there.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to iTunes and Spotify and the gazillion other sites that offer music for sharing, but truth be known we make relatively little from those sites.  Not that we are making a killing in our own web stores, but compared with the .002 cents I get for a Spotify play, its at least something to help cover the costs of this crazy business we’re in.  So thanks, friends, for the support of me and my musician friends on our own websites.

So now it’s time to change focus from uploading and code building (John did most of that, thank goodness!) and on to the fun stuff…the music itself!

Ramping up for our upcoming HOLIDAY CONCERTS!

Here are details:


When:  Dec 4,5 & 7, 2015

Where: Farmington Arts Center (the Presbyterian church in SLC was not available this year)

Who: I’ll be joined by Mark Robinette, and Dave and Carla Eskelsen

Tickets: $15 General Open Seating – $20 Preferred (reserved) Seating – $20 Open Seating at the door

We have not yet sent out any mailers or posted advertising, but we did send an email to my following, and I posted on my Facebook page.  The tickets went on sale last week and they’re almost half gone.  So if you’re reading this, and you’re thinking you want to come join us for some warm music on a winter’s night, then order yours sooner than later. Farmington Parks and Recreation handles all ticket sales (I don’t have any tickets).  You can reach them by calling 801-451-0953 or order them online HERE.

Thanks for the love.  Sending it right back to you!



Cori Connors


Platinum selling songwriter Cori Connors is known for her warmth and congenial storytelling and smooth gentle voice. Her songs have been recorded by international artists, but her fans will tell you there's nothing like the writer singing her own songs. Her concerts regularly sell out, and her recordings have won acclaim rare for an artist outside typical music centers.