GetAttachment.aspxMost of you know me as a songwriter, and that is generally how I define myself professionally.  But did you know I am also just a wordsmith?  Actually, I’m kind of a hack at it, but I do like putting strings of words together.  During the season of Lent, the weeks leading up to Easter, I commit to writing something of substance every day.  I publish those daily writings on my blog, which I do mostly to keep myself accountable.  Mostly, I keep these writings for my kids and other close friends and family, but they are available to the public.  So if you like my music, and want to see what other thoughts I have that aren’t in meter and rhyme, skip on over to my blog.

Each year I choose a different theme for my writing.  Some years I simply choose a random word and write about it.  Usually the word triggers some sort of memory or image.  One year I wrote the stories behind the songs on all my albums.  Last year I recorded my favorite recipes and the stories that surround the deliciousness in my kitchen.

This year I am writing about things I hope my children will remember, which are the same things I hope I remember even after I have left this earthly realm.  I call it my HOPE CHEST.

If you’re interested, visit I’ll be writing daily until Easter (except for Sundays).  Or you can scroll through past years on the blog as well.

As for the music scene in my life, I am currently editing songs from my COLORS album.  The songs were written at the request of a pre-school web developer/teacher.  We tested them on a preschool and discovered some of the songs were not in the best key for little ones, and some of the instrumentals were too long,  So I’ve been in the studio re-recording and editing.  The new versions will be available on my website soon.

I’m performing with regularity, and enjoying it always.  And, as you’ll see in my blog, I am blessed by the company of fellow musicians and songwriters who enhance and enrich my life. I teach guitar, and participate in a song circle we call Saltwerks. We’ve been meeting as songwriters for well over 20 years – truly some of the best writers in the country visit my home every month.  What a treat!

Blessings abound around here, and I hope they do where you are, too.



Cori Connors


Platinum selling songwriter Cori Connors is known for her warmth and congenial storytelling and smooth gentle voice. Her songs have been recorded by international artists, but her fans will tell you there's nothing like the writer singing her own songs. Her concerts regularly sell out, and her recordings have won acclaim rare for an artist outside typical music centers.