Remember when Christmas displays didn’t go up in stores until after Thanksgiving? That was a LONG time ago, but I remember it. And then it moved back to mid November, which disturbed our parents. And then, midnight on Halloween, the night stockers cleared off the middle aisles, relegating the leftover spooky stuff to clearance carts, and out came the candy canes and stiff red fish-net stockings filled with miscellany.

Last week I visited our local grocer, walked past the pumpkins outside, corralled in cute little low lying fences, then when I entered the building I was overwhelmed with the scent of cinnamon pinecones tucked under the Christmas tree just inside the door.

The holidays have all sort-of blurred together. And, sadly, I am afraid I must admit to becoming a part of the blurring. Not that I have dragged out the greenery and ornaments yet, or even the cast iron turkey with matching Pilgrims. But I do have Christmas on my mind. And so does the Parks and Recreation crew in our sleepy little town of Farmington, Utah.

Monday morning, bright and early, tickets to our Christmas concert go on sale. It shouldn’t be that big a deal, really. But there have been times when I’ve received messages from friends who had hoped to get preferred seating and they were sold out. (It strikes me as a bit remarkable that I get to write sentences like that.) So I try to be fair to my most loyal following and get the word out early. Like…before Halloween! Sorry to blur the holidays folks. The simple solution is to gather a little cluster of people you love, call or get online, and get your tickets, if you have and inkling to do so. You’ll have it all taken care of, then you can get back to the ghosts and goblins that belong in this season.

Click HERE  to link to Farmington’s website, where you can purchase online. Or you can call and talk to a human at Farmington Parks and Rec. 801-451-0953 (weekday business hours)


featuring Mark Robinette, Kelly DeHaan, Aaron Ashton & Daron Bradford

Dec 1, 2, & 4, 2017

Farmington Arts Center  120 S Main St.

Tickets: $15 General Seating

$20 Preferred seating (reserved section)

$20 at the door (general seating)

I hope to see ya’ll there!



Cori Connors


Platinum selling songwriter Cori Connors is known for her warmth and congenial storytelling and smooth gentle voice. Her songs have been recorded by international artists, but her fans will tell you there's nothing like the writer singing her own songs. Her concerts regularly sell out, and her recordings have won acclaim rare for an artist outside typical music centers.