Blowing Kisses – (Lullabies and Little Love Songs)Parents' Choice gold award
Spring 2015 Music
Ages: All Ages
Producer: Seven Roses Music
CD Price: $15.00
Whatever your age, just curl up, close your eyes and let the day slip away in these melodies that drift like down, sung by a voice like a tender caress. Platinum-selling songwriter and veteran honey-voiced folksinger Cori Connors offers beautiful renditions of “Baby Mine” (from Disney’s “Dumbo”) and the traditional “All Through the Night” and “Brahms Lullaby,” yes, but most of her nuanced performances here are an intimate evocation of parenting (and grandparenting), childhood, and fairytale enchantment, told through lyric poetry set to music (Connors wrote most of the original songs). “Ride a Blue Pony” is just one of many tracks that are so exquisite you might feel a resonant chill while listening: “Ride to the shore where/ the sandman is waiting/And the breeze will strum the willow/and will sing you to sleep.” The accompanying harmonies and instrumentals are top-flight.

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LDS singer-songwriter sings her way into hearts

By Judy Fraser, For the Deseret News

Cori Connors accompanies herself on the guitar.Though Farmington, Utah, resident Cori Connors’ lovely music and lyrics seem effortless and intuitive, she has worked hard to become the singer and songwriter she is.

Connors started out as a poet and philosopher. Then one Christmas, her mother gave her a guitar. When she learned to play, she felt her emotions coming out through that instrument, and said, “That changed my life.

“I didn’t really decide to seriously write music until my early 20s, when I was married and had a couple of children,” said Connors, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Cori Connors
Cori Connors accompanies herself on the guitar.

At that point, she made a conscious effort to study songwriting, buying how-to books and joining an organization of songwriters. She believes that in every form of art there is both art and craft, and she worked hard on the craft, believing “there is so much science in good-quality art” of any kind.

“Talent is seven percent and drive is 93 percent,” she said.

Connors grew up with the classic rock and folk music of the late ’60s and early ’70s and enjoyed listening to classical, rock, folk and country music from many different artists. All these have influenced her unique folk sound. Her songs have been recorded by Linda Ronstadt and Chris LeDoux.

Connors’ Christmas concerts have become well-known among her fans. In them she shares the warm, tender ballads she’s written about home, love of family, and her deep faith. Some deal with poignant childhood winter memories.

Others are humorous.

Connors accompanies herself on guitar, with band members Mark Robinette, Melanie Shore, and Dave and Carla Eskelsen doing bass, keyboards, guitar, walkabout dulcimer and vocals.

During each concert, Connors shares with the audience the life experiences that prompted many of her songs. A traditional moment in her concerts is when husband David sings with her in the touching “Joseph and Mary.”

In a holiday season that is often commercialized and glitzy, she leaves her audience feeling peace, goodwill toward men.

Connors has two Christmas albums, “Sleepy Little Town” and “One Small Boy.” Her other albums include “Pontiac Rocket,” “Out of the Blue,” “Love Abides” and “Saints on the Seas.”

Connors’ Christmas concerts will be Saturday, Dec. 3, at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. and Monday, Dec. 5, at 7:30 p.m. All concerts will be at the Farmington Arts Center on 120 S. Main.

Tickets are available through Farmington Parks and Recreation Deptartment at 801-451-0953 or online at