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Performing-songwriter Cori Connors puts out her finest work, strong lyric driven songs chock full of insightful reminiscence and charming pictures wrapped in sweet melodicism. (CD Baby). “Pontiac Rocket is the most moving singer-songwriter CD I’ve ever heard…it’s suffused with love, honesty and hope…the images are both tender and powerful, and the singing is so good–a study in how to breathe and phrase…” El McMeen recording artist and arranger(www. elmcmeen.com) El sent the CD to Bob Pegritz, recording artist, disc jockey WVUD Delaware (www.whistlinggypsy.com): “I listened to [Pontiac Rocket] for the first time on the plane heading to Ireland last week and was literally floored. El told me to be “ready” to be really hit in the heart. He was correct. I am speechless. So far my favorite, though this could change tomorrow, is Idaho Wind, which should ONLY be sung by Cori or John Denver, and since John is with The Lord, there is only Cori.”

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