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“This is the one. If you love gentle folk music and especially enjoy original holiday songs, then Cori Connors’ Sleepy Little Town is the one album that you absolutely must purchase this holiday season. ¬†This must be the most warmly-crafted and heartfelt Christmas album I have ever had the privilege to review. Connors is a master singer/songwriter, and her superb pieces tell the important stories that frame almost all of our childhood holiday memories. No matter what our personal experiences have been, many pieces of Sleepy Little Town will fit your particular puzzle. It’s all here–the elation, the sense of loss, the treasures and pain that memories bring, and the joy surrounding the newborn babe. Connors’ astute songwriting strikes at the truth of humanity’s most sensitive moments, and her sweet and tender folksinger’s voice conveys just the right emotional note (Merlynn Schofield provides marvelous harmony vocals). ”

“Several weeks ago, I had the good fortune to review an excellent instrumental album by El McMeen. El mentioned that I should connect with Cori Connors–that, in his opinion, her Sleepy Little Town was the “premier Christmas CD of original music.” Naturally, I was intrigued and contacted Connors, who generously sent along her excellent album for review. El was absolutely right. Without his excellent recommendation, I may never have discovered this incredible offering, and now I hope to provide the same assistance to those visiting (which, after all, is what this site is all about!). Thanks, El! ”

“The lovely liner notes are an impressive package, 16 pages packed with lyrics and nostalgic photos. Many pictures resemble ones from my own family’s album–and will likely call to mind yours, too. Because Connors’ songs tell significant stories with elegant word choices, it’s great tracking each piece, line by line. Except for “O Holy Night,” all pieces are Connors’ own; six tell intimate tales of the holiday experience from a family member’s perspective, and the rest turn on the profound meaning surrounding Christ’s birth. ”

“For those of us who have lost a loved one, especially someone who always welcomed the Christmas season with enthusiasm, Connors’ “You Would Have Loved This” will put a sizable lump in your throat. “Flexible Flyer” is another sentimental treasure, an endearing tribute to the father who passed from the scene much too soon. Don’t imagine, however, that Sleepy Little Town is all doom and gloom. Far from it! This album is a testament to the human spirit and to the glorious holiday memories that mark our lives. Although the music is introspective, the message is one of hope and enduring love. ”

“Cori Connors is an outstanding singer/songwriter who delivers a glorious gift for Christmas; her Sleepy Little Town will awaken memories in you that you thought were long forgotten. Simply wonderful!”

–Carol Swanson,

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