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NEWEST! Colors:Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.46.58 PM copy

  1. What Is This Color
  2. Yellow
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. Purple
  6. Orange
  7. Green
  8. Pink
  9. Black
  10. Silver
  11. Gold
  12. Brown
  13. White
  14. Mud

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BlowingKisses_Cover_Art_FrontsideNEW! Blowing Kisses:

Lullabies and Little Love Songs  Gentle songs to bring peace and comfort to young and old.

  1. Sleep Little Lamb
  2. Godspeed
  3. Velvet Shoes
  4. Blowing Kisses
  5. Child of My Child
  6. Princess
  7. Fall In Love
  8. Baby Mine
  9. Everywhere
  10. Ride a Blue Pony
  11. Sweet Dreams
  12. Pretty Moon
  13. All Through the Night
  14. Brahms’ Lullaby

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One Small Boy:

Cori’s second Christmas Album. “…here comes remarkable Cori Connors with a brand new Christmas album entitled One Small Boy. Fantastic!In order to embrace One Small Boy or Sleepy Little Town, you have to have a taste for newly-minted holiday tunes. … It takes a real artist to drag us to Christmas Present and Future with original music. Cori Connors is such an artist; her gentle, buoyant, and expertly-written folk music makes us believe in the magic of Christmas all over again. Listen to samples and purchase individual tracks here.

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Pontiac Rocket:

Performing-songwriter Cori Connors puts out her finest work, strong lyric driven songs chock full of insightful reminiscence and charming pictures wrapped in sweet melodicism. (CD Baby). “Pontiac Rocket is the most moving singer-songwriter CD I’ve ever heard…it’s suffused with love, honesty and hope…the images are both tender and powerful, and the singing is so good–a study in how to breathe and phrase…” El McMeen recording artist and arranger(www. elmcmeen.com) El sent the CD to Bob Pegritz, recording artist, disc jockey WVUD Delaware (www.whistlinggypsy.com):“I listened to [Pontiac Rocket] for the first time on the plane heading to Ireland last week and was literally floored. El told me to be “ready” to be really hit in the heart. He was correct. I am speechless. So far my favorite, though this could change tomorrow, is Idaho Wind, which should ONLY be sung by Cori or John Denver, and since John is with The Lord, there is only Cori.” Listen to samples and purchase individual tracks here!

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Sleepy Little Town:

A Christmas Album, which the IAMA Magazine describes as . . . “A fond and sometimes bittersweet collection of holiday memories in small-town America, featuring Connors’ stellar song writing and clear vocals.” “I do not fancy myself a music critic, but I know a beautiful song when I hear one. A woman from the Salt Lake City, Utah area, named Cori Connors has a Christmas CD called “Sleepy Little Town.” Never in my 48 years have I heard something so delicate and beautiful. All the songs, except “O Holy Night” and “Our Gift For You” are originals, and they are just wonderful….God bless her for making my Christmas even better…and it’s only early November!” Bob Pegritz, Disc Jocky for WVUD, Wilmington, Delaware. Listen to samples and purchase individual tracks here!

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Out of the Blue:

A compilation of original songs. It includes the rich harmonies of Merlynn Schofield, and some of the finest musicians in Nashville and throughout the US.

One evening we drove to Salt Lake City, my family and me, and we walked into the Delta center for a Chris LeDoux concert. It was a rockin’ show! Chris was a wild bareback cowboy sort of entertainer. But the lights went low at a certain point, and the pace slowed, and the melodic strains written on the side of my bed started up, echoing against the large cement walls of that auditorium.

“This is my favorite song”, he said, “written by a woman from right here in Utah named Cori Connors.” My family and Merlyn cheered, and so did the rest of the audience, though I am not so naïve as to think they were cheering for something other than their home state.

He began to sing. I watched a young couple sitting in front of us sink down into their seats, her head leaned over onto his shoulder. Then slowly, around the perimeter of the stage and up into the rafters of the Delta Center, I saw Bic lighters waving in the darkness to the beat of the song.
That’s how you know you have really made it; when people wave their Bic lighters to your ballad! Though now days it would be the lights of their cell phones, or the Bic lighter app on our iPhones.

What a great memory.”– Cori Connors

Listen to samples and purchase individual tracks here!

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More Coming Soon…

Love Abides:

A collection of love songs Cori lovingly produced as a wedding gift for her daughter.
Seatrek 2001 commissioned Cori to write songs and script for the oratorio, Saints on the Seas, which was recorded in Liverpool and is also available on CD.

Saints on the Seas:

Cori Connors relied on her love of music when she was asked to write lyrically based songs for the oratorio Saints on the Seas, a composition commemorating the early pioneers who sailed to America from the British Isles and Scandinavia, meant for a 2001 European commemoration of the Saints. Connors’s compositions spoke of the hearts, and heartaches, of those early Church members who sailed across the ocean on their way to Zion before they ever took a step on the trail westward.


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