I Have Become One of THOSE…

Remember when Christmas displays didn’t go up in stores until after Thanksgiving? That was a LONG time ago, but I remember it. And then it moved back to mid November, which disturbed our parents. And then, midnight on Halloween, the night stockers cleared off the middle aisles, relegating the leftover spooky stuff to clearance carts, and out came the candy canes and stiff red fish-net stockings filled with miscellany.

Last week I visited our local grocer, walked past the pumpkins outside, corralled in cute little low lying fences, then when I entered the building I was overwhelmed with the scent of cinnamon pinecones tucked under the Christmas tree just inside the door.

The holidays have all sort-of blurred together. And, sadly, I am afraid I must admit to becoming a part of the blurring. Not that I have dragged out the greenery and ornaments yet, or even the cast iron turkey with matching Pilgrims. But I do have Christmas on my mind. And so does the Parks and Recreation crew in our sleepy little town of Farmington, Utah.

Monday morning, bright and early, tickets to our Christmas concert go on sale. It shouldn’t be that big a deal, really. But there have been times when I’ve received messages from friends who had hoped to get preferred seating and they were sold out. (It strikes me as a bit remarkable that I get to write sentences like that.) So I try to be fair to my most loyal following and get the word out early. Like…before Halloween! Sorry to blur the holidays folks. The simple solution is to gather a little cluster of people you love, call or get online, and get your tickets, if you have and inkling to do so. You’ll have it all taken care of, then you can get back to the ghosts and goblins that belong in this season.

Click HERE  to link to Farmington’s website, where you can purchase online. Or you can call and talk to a human at Farmington Parks and Rec. 801-451-0953 (weekday business hours)


featuring Mark Robinette, Kelly DeHaan, Aaron Ashton & Daron Bradford

Dec 1, 2, & 4, 2017

Farmington Arts Center  120 S Main St.

Tickets: $15 General Seating

$20 Preferred seating (reserved section)

$20 at the door (general seating)

I hope to see ya’ll there!



Still Kickin’

Dave got me a cute little

soprano ukulele for my birthday.

Rock On!

Hi Folks –

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in. I apologize about that. Just want to let you know I’m still here, still making music, writing music, and writing other stuff ( you can find my daily writing HERE). My most recent musical projects, besides teaching 50 guitar students every week, have been performing 5-10 times a month for various organizations and private parties. (I love my monthly shows for Heart & Soul) and writing songs for the Clytie Adams Ballet Recital coming up in June. I am also preparing a songwriters class on writing Country songs for the Utah Arts Festival on June 24th. I’ll Join Kate MacLeod and other notable artists/teachers in that workshop. In a few weeks we head to London and France, where we will combine a little music with a lot of pleasure.

Just want you to know I appreciate you and your support of original music.

Oh, and I almost forgot! I’m pleased to say that my children’s album COLORS- for preschoolers, received the FAMILY CHOICE AWARD. All my cute grandkids, except the ones too little to sing, can be heard on that project. The nice thing about recording the people you love is they get to always be that age…at least through my audio speakers. 🙂

Wishing you well,  Cori




screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-4-35-39-pmThere are plenty of reasons to look forward to the holidays this year.  So much political nastiness has been spewing that I, for one, am ready for goodness and kindness and graciousness to return.  Perhaps it was no accident that our elections are set to occur just a few steps before the time when our hearts and our minds are called Homeward in gratitude and reverence.  We need this repeated reminder, Thanksgiving and Christmas rolling around the same time each year, the same way we need other sacraments in our lives!

Our Christmas concert 2016 centers around things I know.  There is surely MUCH that I do not know! But there are a few precious things I do:  family, friendship, community, faith, laughter, memories…these all bring me back to the center. And there in the center I find the people I cherish.

Among them are friends who have come into my life because of music.  Mark Robinette and I performed a private gig tonight, and afterwards a woman came up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and whispered, “Why do I feel like I know you so well, and you know me?” I whispered back; “If you know my songs (and she did, she had sung along to them all night), then the truth is, you do know me.  And if the lyrics speak of your own inner experience, then I suppose I know you as well.”

That is why I love creating these Christmas concerts every year.  It’s like singing Kumbaya around a massive community campfire with hundreds of my closest friends!

Thank you for your friendship; for your support and encouragement.  And thank you also for being generous in the charitable causes my musician friends, Farmington City, and I work to champion in these performances.

Mark your calendars.  Call someone you love and drag them along with you to the charmingly intimate Farmington Arts Center on Dec. 2,3,5 or 6. Tickets are selling swiftly.  Since we have sold out the last few years, we added another night this year.  Tuesday was originally planned to be a corporate sponsored night, but I was not on the ball enough to find a corporate sponsor, so it’s available to everyone like any other night.

This year the beneficiaries of our concert profits are organizations that provide education for orphans in Africa and build houses for indigent families in Mexico.  Both these causes are near and dear to us, and we appreciate your attendance and how that helps these causes.

Really though, what it all boils down to is one person sitting in the audience (you) and one soft hearted old gal on the stage (me) sharing something that happens when music and hearts embrace. I’ll do everything I can to do my part in the interchange.  Here’s hoping you will want to join me.

God bless us, everyone!



Songs for Arli – a benefit concert

Join the incomparably talented Peter Breinholt, the delightful and gifted Nancy Hanson, and me in a Benefit Concert on Saturday October 15, 7:00 pm at Davis High School in Kaysville UT. Tickets are $10 for reserved seats and can be purchased HERE.  All proceeds go to the astronomical expenses of a young family dealing with childhood cancer.  As if cancer itself wasn’t devastating  enough, they are burdened with thousands upon thousands of dollars in expenses.  Join us in the village of caring people. YOU PLAY ALL DAY at the carnival being held at Davis High during the day, along with a silent auction.  And then LET US PLAY FOR YOU that evening.

We will follow the intimate Songwriter in the Round format, where we take turns telling stories behind songs and then singing them. It’s a chance to come into our most personal spaces, hear our life stories unfold, and feel like you’re in our living rooms.

Like someone famous once said: “More prayers are answered on the feet than on the knees.” Like someone else famous said, “Let’s roll!”concertattempt3-2



Words Without Music

GetAttachment.aspxMost of you know me as a songwriter, and that is generally how I define myself professionally.  But did you know I am also just a wordsmith?  Actually, I’m kind of a hack at it, but I do like putting strings of words together.  During the season of Lent, the weeks leading up to Easter, I commit to writing something of substance every day.  I publish those daily writings on my blog, which I do mostly to keep myself accountable.  Mostly, I keep these writings for my kids and other close friends and family, but they are available to the public.  So if you like my music, and want to see what other thoughts I have that aren’t in meter and rhyme, skip on over to my blog.

Each year I choose a different theme for my writing.  Some years I simply choose a random word and write about it.  Usually the word triggers some sort of memory or image.  One year I wrote the stories behind the songs on all my albums.  Last year I recorded my favorite recipes and the stories that surround the deliciousness in my kitchen.

This year I am writing about things I hope my children will remember, which are the same things I hope I remember even after I have left this earthly realm.  I call it my HOPE CHEST.

If you’re interested, visit www.coriconnors.blogspot.com. I’ll be writing daily until Easter (except for Sundays).  Or you can scroll through past years on the blog as well.

As for the music scene in my life, I am currently editing songs from my COLORS album.  The songs were written at the request of a pre-school web developer/teacher.  We tested them on a preschool and discovered some of the songs were not in the best key for little ones, and some of the instrumentals were too long,  So I’ve been in the studio re-recording and editing.  The new versions will be available on my website soon.

I’m performing with regularity, and enjoying it always.  And, as you’ll see in my blog, I am blessed by the company of fellow musicians and songwriters who enhance and enrich my life. I teach guitar, and participate in a song circle we call Saltwerks. We’ve been meeting as songwriters for well over 20 years – truly some of the best writers in the country visit my home every month.  What a treat!

Blessings abound around here, and I hope they do where you are, too.





Thanks to my friend/second cousin John Reynolds of bluepinemedia.com, we once again are up and running on the web.

The business of being an independent musician is tricky, just like most small businesses, and we who are of the right-brained world struggle to run business with the oft ignored left side of the brain.  But here we are, a little brain weary, but hopefully running smoothly and all spruced up.

We who make music for a profession appreciate people who visit our own sites, and purchase music there.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to iTunes and Spotify and the gazillion other sites that offer music for sharing, but truth be known we make relatively little from those sites.  Not that we are making a killing in our own web stores, but compared with the .002 cents I get for a Spotify play, its at least something to help cover the costs of this crazy business we’re in.  So thanks, friends, for the support of me and my musician friends on our own websites.

So now it’s time to change focus from uploading and code building (John did most of that, thank goodness!) and on to the fun stuff…the music itself!

Ramping up for our upcoming HOLIDAY CONCERTS!

Here are details:


When:  Dec 4,5 & 7, 2015

Where: Farmington Arts Center (the Presbyterian church in SLC was not available this year)

Who: I’ll be joined by Mark Robinette, and Dave and Carla Eskelsen

Tickets: $15 General Open Seating – $20 Preferred (reserved) Seating – $20 Open Seating at the door

We have not yet sent out any mailers or posted advertising, but we did send an email to my following, and I posted on my Facebook page.  The tickets went on sale last week and they’re almost half gone.  So if you’re reading this, and you’re thinking you want to come join us for some warm music on a winter’s night, then order yours sooner than later. Farmington Parks and Recreation handles all ticket sales (I don’t have any tickets).  You can reach them by calling 801-451-0953 or order them online HERE.

Thanks for the love.  Sending it right back to you!




Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.46.58 PM copyCalvin is three years old.  He’s a precocious little fellow, with golden hair and bright eyes and LOTS of words!  It was almost surreal how early on he could talk, like you’d be carrying him in a pouch on your belly and he’d be holding a conversation with the person in line next to you at the grocery store. I was so charmed by his voice that I decided to include him in my latest recording project, COLORS.  You’ll hear his cute little voice on each song.  I recorded them on my iPhone when he was two years old.  Getting him to speak into an actual studio mic totally changed the tone, so I had to slyly press a button as I talked with him.  Anyway, you’ll have to listen and see how cute he is.

The COLOR SONGS began with a suggestion from my good friend KATHI THOMAS, known to people in our neck of the woods as Mrs. T.  Mrs. T’s preschool has been the primo education site for us here in Davis County Utah for decades.  Her expertise is renowned.  She is opening a new online pre-school program this summer.  She approached me over a year ago suggesting I write some songs about colors, because there was a lack of creative, fresh material on the market.  And so it began.

Clytie Adams, whose Ballet School is well known in Northern Utah, has been using these songs to teach their younger students ballet this year.  This week we will be performing them at their recitals at Weber State University.  Last night was our first dress rehearsal.  I have to be really careful watching the kids dancing as I sing, because I just want to giggle sometimes. For instance, for the color Pink, the girls came out in their bright pink costumes, stood in rows, and lifted one leg each while I sang “There she is, standing on one leg…pink flamingo, pink flamingo, pink flamingo, pink!”

So here it is now, fresh off the press, our latest project COLOR SONGS with Cori and Calvin.  See if some little creature in your life likes them.  The CD is only $10, or $9 for the album download.You’ll find them in the store here on my website, or as always, in the red milk box on my front porch 🙂

Calvin jumping on the bed

Calvin jumping on the bed