Hi all! It’s been pouring rain here. I mean REALLY pouring. The kind of rain from my childhood in Pennsylvania! It’s probably Mother Nature’s way of apologizing for a wimpy Utah winter. So we are looking forward to summer, not only for the sunshine, but for the music we get to play! Besides water, the heavens […]



BLOWING KISSES – Lullabies & Little Love Songs, has received the highest recognition possible from the Parents’ Choice Foundation for 2015. That shiny GOLD medallion found on books, toys, furniture, recordings…just about anything having to do with the well being of children, has been awarded to our newest recording, and we couldn’t be more tickled! Every […]



At this moment the tiny child of a dear friend is having brain surgery. And down in California the child of another is trying to figure out why her hair has fallen out and what “chemotherapy” means. All this, while we await the birth of a new grandchild, and blow kisses to Meg whose baby […]

Santa mantle2

Deck Da Halls

The holidays get crazy around here. I know, it’s that way for most people. And they sneak in before we have even thought of closing the door on summer. Our local grocery store had Christmas up before watermelons were out of season.They were still selling patio furniture out front. We were in short sleeved shirts, […]



I’m cautious of posting on my website too often, because if you are a follower I am sensitive to the bulk of mail that ends up in email boxes and I don’t want to be a bother. So I’m not one who posts every week like my web advisor suggests. On the other hand, when […]

Holiday Concert 2014

Holiday Concerts

Ring In the Holidays with the music of Cori Connors and Friends. This concert features tunes from the new lullaby album, BLOWING KISSES, as well as the holiday songs and stories audiences have come to embrace at the gateway to the holday season. CD’s of Blowing Kisses will be available at this concert, before they […]

Michael Dowdle

Studio Time

It is rare, I know, to have such an opportunity as I have had; to be surrounded by amazing musicians at the top of their craft and artistry, to be in a space designed and dedicated to capturing the best of music from the best musicians, to be able to create what my heart wants […]



Through the years one of the most common comments I get from “fans”is this: My kids go to sleep to your music every night.” I am really happy that my tunes don’t scare people. But I also worry that if anyone listens in their cars they might doze off and…. Since I’m sort of skilled […]


Lent Writing 2014

Though I am not Catholic, I do believe in the sacredness of the Holy season, leading Christians to the most sacred of holidays, Easter. Each year I make a commitment to write for each day of Lent, the season of sacrifice. I publish my writing on my blog, www.coriconnors.blogspot.com. You’re welcome to take a gander. […]